Effect of Osmosis on RBC'S


1)Find the between three Red Blood Cell's samples that experience Osmosis in: a)0. your five % Distant Water remedy.

b)0. being unfaithful Nacl remedy.

c)10 % Nacl remedy.

2)What supplies did you use.

3)Define the procedures the fact that three trials undergo.

4)Give a brief consequence for your experiment.


Sterilized lancets; 3 liquid blood samples; 3 35mm slides; antiseptic baby wipes; bandages; the teeth picks; 0. 5 % d. watts solution; 0. 9 % Nacl remedy; 10% Nacl solution; a few cover photo slides; Light microscope; Disinfector beaker Procedure:

First, remove you ring finger with a great antiseptic wipe then touch your finger with a sterilized lancet. Next, drop 3 blood samples about three slides and place a bandage in your finger. Make use of a tooth choose to mix each solution alone with a blood sample. After that place the tooth choose in the disinfector beaker. Finally, place a covering up slide 45В° at each go and wash the microscopic lense stage with an antiseptic wipe. In the end, place each slide for the stage and observe underneath High Magnifying Power ( 40x ). Observation:

1)The d. w sample is definitely faint.

2)The 0. on the lookout for % Nacl sample is clearly noticeable.

3)The 10 % Nacl sample is darker and small.


1) RBC'S when put into distant normal water solution using a lower focus level hypotonic the cell will get bigger and burst. 2)RBC'S the moment placed in a Nacl remedy with the same concentration level isotonic the cell will stay the same no change in shape or size. 3)RBC'S the moment placed in Nacl solution with higher focus level hypertonic the cell will shrink and darkens.


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