OTIS LE#1 (October 23, 2012)

•Dow Jones commercial average together with the largest marketplace cap can be Exxon (XOM). •Dow Williams Industrial common with the tiniest market hat is Alcoa Inc. (AA). •The organization with the greatest P/E ratio is AT& T (T).

Initially each of our process of choosing stocks dropped into two high-level groups; a look-back and a look forward way. Many of our stocks and options (AAPL, ORCL, IBM) had been picked following much exploration into " the quantities. ” People of our group that checked out historical performance focused on expansion, return upon equity, earnings, earnings every share and overall success, among various other data. Various other stocks (MSFT, CSCO, F) were chosen based on the reputation, competitive advantage and/or longevity of the company. Pertaining to the forward-looking approach, primary was on what was occurring in the near future which may affect share prices. A few stocks had been chosen with an eye on the associated with Hurricane Soft sand (GNRC, HD). Others had been picked because of planned mergers, or recurring /upcoming actions in the sector (PHG, GEOY, PHG. ) Many choices fell into both equally categories. A third reason for deciding on a stock looked like there was personal choice and an overall positive notion of a company (SAM, WFM, PNRA. ) OTIS LE#2 (November two, 2012)

To get our choices, two of all of us each chose a stock we thought might drop in price. The initial was a industry order to get a put option on Delta Air Lines (DAL). 3 option shares (for an overall total of three hundred shares) were purchased for a eradicating price of $. forty eight per discuss, a hit price of $10. 00 and termination date of November 17th. The actual stock value was $9. 70 for the date of purchase. The other option strive was a place on 10 stocks (1, 000 underlying shares) of Financial institution of America at a clearing cost on $7. 00 every share, a strike cost of $18. 00 and an expiration date of November seventeenth. It was a market option that was not accomplished, probably for the reason that strike cost was way too high. Another look at on a put option was performed the next...


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