Attention-getter: Just how many of you really feel safe in your homes or know that when a natural devastation struck you would be able to make it alive? Audience Relevance: Credited in large part for the early caution systems we now have in place today, we can enough time vast majority of natural problems in a way that prior generations cannot. C. Audio Credibility: As a resident of Houston, Texas, I was raised hearing the tales of some of the significant Hurricanes that had zeroed in upon our coastal region and left that in shambles. In 2008, Hurricane Ove, one of the most damaging hurricanes in Texas background, knocked away power to more than 2 . 6 million people. The surprise caused a 14-foot spike and over 18 inches of rainfall. Before the day was over Ove had claimed 84 lives and 19. 3 billion dollars dollars in damage. That storm was one of the most terrifying experiences around me. Life after the storm was not a better. Heat was oppressive, the clean-up monstrous, as well as the weeklong lack of electricity humbling.

Thesis/Preview: Hurricanes like Audrey, who hit the Texas seacoast on Summer 27, 1957; killing over 350 persons and charging over seven-hundred million dollars in damage. Hurricane Gilbert, who struck the shoreline on Sept. 2010 16, 1988, spawned 30 tornadoes, murdered over 318, and expense between 40-50 million us dollars to clean-up. These types of storms are common for those people that have occupied the nice coastal locations along the The southern area of United States. Although these statistics may seem astonishing, non-e quite measure up about what the Island skilled on September 8, early 1900s. Transition Statement- Known as the Great Galveston Typhoon, this storm would turn into known as the most detrimental natural disaster to hit America in recorded record.

Main Point #1: Within time, within place the storm of 1900 might just have already been something else altogether. In fact it might not have been media worthy at all. Instead, the precise combination of conditions became the constituents that would copy the people of Galveston's...

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