Plagiarism Project

Name: Treka Franklin

1 . Read the next paragraph:

" As a inexperimente at Western Point,  Custer had promptly ran to the lower part of the academics standings certainly not because he didn't want to master the fabric but as they couldn't provide a damn.  He had the easy charm of a natural slacker; he made himself popular with his classmates simply by playing rough practical humor on the underclassmen; he was full of bonhomie and high mood and great fun to the friends who worshiped him and somewhat of a krydsning to all others.  Most of his biographers write about his " pranks" and " antics" and " childish frolics" by West Level, but in truth there was an awful edge to it all.  He broke in to an instructor's room of stealing a copy of any test, this individual led clandestine after-hours expeditions to taverns, he mocked the professors, he was always skating right on the edge penalized booted from the academy pertaining to the number of demerits he had built up. ”  (

Now see the next two paragraphs. Set a red X at the outset of the paragraph that you think is plagiarized, and emphasize in reddish the servings of that paragraph that count number as stealing articles.

George Armstrong Custer can be noted internet marketing at the bottom of his West Point recent class, although his position was not due to lacking intellect. Instead, Custer seemed to be keen on entertainment and playing pranks on his classmates. Although having been very popular, several of his classmates and instructors did not approve.

X George Custer was at the bottom of his Western Point category, mostly because he was not very interested in scholars. Instead, he preferred playing pranks on his classmates: this individual broke in an instructor's room of stealing a copy associated with an exam, he led clandestine after-hours outings to taverns, and he made fun with the teachers.

George Custer i visited the bottom of his Western world Point course, mostly as they was not very interested in teachers....


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