Coca-Cola is among the most widely used soft drinks in the world. There is a great variety of brands offered by Coca-cola like diet Cola, Sprite, RC Cola, Small Maid etc . You can find the Coca-cola fizzy drinks in any spots.

In 1919 Pepsi decided it was time to go global. The Coca-Cola Company decided to have its operations beyond countrywide boundaries and marketing analysis was were only available in Central America, China and many more countries worldwide. Because of successful and effective marketing study Coca-cola surely could produce globally in different parts of the world. The 'Coca-Cola' brand has been implemented the approach of global advertising. They are considering the whole globe as solitary market place and uniform marketing strategy was being employed by Coca-cola for several years, but now fashionable is changing and different marketing plans are becoming designed for distinct regions of the earth. Business decisions are made on a domestic basis to fit within the culture and needs in the domestic community.

There are many reasons why company made a decision to sell it is product in international market. The prospect is out there to sell 'Coca-Cola' worldwide, because 'Coca-Cola' is known as a product which is often used by everybody irrespective of age and sexuality, all over the world. Advertising globally require the company to experience a marketing crew in line with a country's customers so effective sales may be made and good relations with the in foreign countries key workers can be preserved (Arthur A. Thompson Jr., A. M, 2005).

This paper includes an examination of the advertising mix and promotional blend strategy of Coca-cola used in the Filipino setting. I selected the product since it is one of the major and popular beverages in the world. The fast growth as well as the company's photo in the market impressed me and pushed me to discuss the topic.


Marketing is a art and science of selling. Materials for a very good marketing (according to Philip Kotler) are definitely the 4P's: item, price, campaign and positioning. An effective marketing program combines well all components of the marketing mix. Advertising mix is an essential instrument in the company to get obtaining strong positioning around the concerned marketplaces. A. Product

Merchandise refers to more physical objects or goods that you can personal and collect. The authors of the conventional paper: " Marketing. Explanatory Dictionary” (Florescu, ou al., the year 2003, p. 537) define product policy like a decision implemented by developing or industrial companies regarding the size, composition and development of the selection of goods and services (Lefter, et 's., 2006, l. 375, 405). Product coverage is often compared to " the heart of marketing”. Very low direct connection with the various other elements of the marketing combine. Coca soda is the leading supplier of soft drinks not only in the Philippines although also around the globe. In 2010, it does not only acquired no . you selling soft drink with frequent Coke, nevertheless Diet Cola brand outdone Pepsi pertaining to second payment. It has a volume of brand versions, including Tiny Maid, Regal, and Sprite. The company as well produces fresh fruit juices, mineral water, and sports refreshments. Another aspect is it is packaging. Coca cola gives variety of usana products ranging from small (300 mL) to upsizes (1. 5 to 2 liters), depending on the consumer's requirements. Packaging also promotes the item and distinguishes it in the competition. N. Price

Price is a market instrument and an index of the economic and social fact (Lefter, ain al., 06\, p. 449). Price is the only marketing mix variable which leads to income, the others happen to be generating simply expenses and investments. Cost is a very flexible element of the mix and it can always be changed swiftly, unlike the product characteristics plus the placement activity. Price is extremely important part of marketing mix as it can affect the supply and demand of Coca coca-cola....

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