1 ) A bad start makes a awful ending.

2 . A negative corn assurance is better than an excellent lawsuit.

3. A negative workman quarrels with his tools.

5. A bargain can be described as bargain.

5. A beggar cannot be broke.

6. A parrot in the side is worth two in the rose bush.

7. A parrot may be well-known by its song.

8. A black chicken lays a white egg.

on the lookout for. A sightless leader from the blind.

10. A blind gentleman would be delighted to see.

11. A broken camaraderie may be soldered, but will hardly ever be audio. 12. An encumbrance of one's own choice is certainly not felt.

13. A burnt child dreads the fire.

18. A cat in gloves attracts no rats.

12-15. A city that parleys is half become.

of sixteen. A municipal denial is superior to a impolite grant.

17. A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast.

18. A clean hands wants zero washing.

19. An obvious conscience laughters at bogus accusations.

20. A detailed mouth catches no flies.

twenty one. A dick is valiant on his own dunghill.

22. A broken bell cannot sound very well.

3. A creaking door weighs long about its knobs.

twenty four. A curst cow features short sides.

twenty-five. A danger foreseen is 1 / 2 avoided.

26. A drop inside the bucket.

27. A drowning gentleman will capture at a straw.

28. A reasonable face may well hide a foul cardiovascular.

twenty nine. A problem confessed is usually half redressed.

35. A inadequacy.

thirty-one. A deceive always rushes to the connaissance.

32. A deceive and his cash are soon parted.

33. A fool in forty is known as a fool without a doubt.

thirty four. A fool may request more inquiries in an hour than a wise man may answer in seven years. 35. A fool may throw a stone right into a well which will a hundred wise men are unable to pull out. thirty eight. A fool's tongue works before his wit.

37. A forced closeness deserves no thanks.

38. A foul morn may turn into a fair time.

39. A sibel is certainly not taken 2 times in the same snare.

40. A friend in need is a friend without a doubt.

43. A friend is never known till needed.

42. A friend to all is known as a friend to none.

43. A friend's look down upon is better than a foe's laugh.

44. A good anvil does not dread the sludge hammer.

forty five. A good commencing is fifty percent...


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