What is Self-concept?

According to Wagner, self-concept is that graphic or mental picture of our invisible home, a feeling of as being a person, feeling of a person or of being nobody (p. 5). You will discover three functional aspects of home concept: overall look, performance and status. It is noteworthy that our feeling of identity of being someone is derived from thoughts when ranked by other folks (p. 13). I could understand these 3 aspects of self-concept. Several years ago, while i left my personal job to be a stay home mother, I fought with defining my self-concept. What am i not? Why is Self-concept important?

While I eventually found my personal significance in Christ, I actually am further more enlightened simply by Wagner's dialogue on of self-concept and its particular importance. A satisfactory self-concept is known as a precious ownership that enable one live a useful and productive life, he is emotionally secure and functions by inner resources in a problems. He accepts his physical appearance and views his flaws as problems to be overcome and not judge himself as being a bad person. He functions because he understands he is and never always looking to become. A person with inadequate self-concept tends to concentrate his energy and attempts to establish his self-identity, to measure up, his mind is definitely divided into dealing with his rectifying this insufficiency and usual living (p. x, 15) What Constitute Self-concept?

Wagner paints an image depicting the cycle of how inadequate self-concept is developed. The feelings of belonging, worthiness and skills form the vital elements of self-concept, they combined together just like musical chords (p. 17). When their sense of being somebody is usually threatened, this individual reacts in a negative way with hostility, guilt or fear. When he tries to push the situation to alter through his hostility, this individual loses his sense of belonging. When he forces himself to change as they is feeling guilty, he compromises his worthiness. In fear or anxiety tries to protect himself from the danger, his...


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