" The strength of a woman can carry the pounds of the world” this quote is said by the host from the seminar of " ladies of strength”. The seminar was held by simply Nestle Nesvita in the auditorium of Jinnah university for women on 25 march 2014. The purpose of the seminar to aware women about their bones, their vigor and overall health. Seminar knowledgeable the audience with Calcium, Calci- Lock and in addition gave the info about Osteoporosis disease. The host of the seminar asked different questions to audience and endowing them with some gifts. She also involved audience with herself and arranged a task for target audience in order to observe how much target audience is healthy. They had a particular guest Zeb Humayun Bangash, a artist and vocalist. She shared her personal experiences and interests and also gave suggestions that how to be a vigorous and healthful woman. Within the last of the seminar she amused audience by her enchanting and wonderful singing. ADVANTAGES:

The seminar in " females of strength” was systematized by Nestle Nesvita. Nestle is a very well-known and prestigious by us. The quest of Nestle begins back in 1866, if the first Western european condensed milk factory was opened in Cham, Swiss, by the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Dairy Company. In Switzerland Nestlé's founder Henri Nestlé, a German druggist, developed food for newborn, a combination of cow's milk, wheat or grain flour and sugar. At the begining of 1900s, the organization was functioning factories in the United States, Britain, Philippines and The country. In the year of 1905 Nestlé incorporated with the Anglo-Swiss Compacted Milk Business. In 1981 nestle introduced his first production product of UHT in Sheikhupurain. In 1988, completely expanded usana products and also generating butter, cream, desighee and so forth Nowadays nestle is jogging effectually in Pakistan and giving the task opportunities over any intercontinental organization. The purpose of Nestle is usually to provide outstanding and delete word food to people...


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