The selection procedure consists of different steps. Each and every stage information may come to light which might lead to being rejected of the consumer. Steps active in the selection are: -application * Preliminary interview: - Initial screening is carried out to weed out totally undesirable/unqualified candidates at the outset. It is essentially a selecting process through which prospective candidates are given necessary information about the mother nature of the task and the organization.

* Program blank: -- Application form is known as a traditional and widely used device for collecting information via candidates. The form should present all the information strongly related selection. 5. Selection evaluation: - Psychological are staying increasingly found in employee selection. A evaluation is test of a few aspects of could be attitude, behavior and performance. In addition, it provides systematic basis fro comparing the behaviour, performance and attitudes of two folks.

* Job interview: -- An interview can be described as conversation among two people. In collection it entails a personal, observational and in person appraisal of candidates for employment.

* Medical assessment: - Applicants who have crossed the above levels are dispatched for a physical examination both to the industry’s physician or to a medical officer authorized for the purpose.

2. Reference investigations: - The applicant comes up to mention in the application form the names and details of several persons who know him well.

5. Final acceptance: - The shortlisted applicants by the office are finally approved by the executives from the concerned department. Employment exists in the form of scheduled appointment letter bringing up the post, the rank, the quality, the time by which the candidate should certainly join and also other terms and conditions in brief.


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