Kevin Ohren


English language Three

13 May 2010

Shylock's Evil Plot

" An excellent gentleman, like platinum, is in every way estoico; A bad guy, like the beams of a stability, is always differing, upwards and downwards" (John Locke). A villain is a cruelly-malicious-person who bizarre and unlawful things. In William Shakespeare's, The Merchant of Venice, Shylock is a Jewish character who is portrayed like a Villain due to freakish items he does. Shylock is known as a bad example to get the people of Venice: he is a very selfish, he is wicked, he is without mercy for any person and he will do anything to have Antonio lifeless.

A villain can be someone who is selfish and care about anyone but him self. Shylock is a selfish, cold-hearted, old-bastard because all this individual cares about is his rare metal; which makes him a unoriginal Jew. His daughter Jessica decides to hightail it because she hates him for all the points he will. So the moment she runs away the girl decides to consider all of his ducats and jewels. Once Shylock finds out, he gets really pissed off, declaring, " I would my child were useless at my feet, and the jewels in her ear! Will she were hearsed inside my foot, plus the ducats in her coffin! ” (III. i. 43). This means that Shylock would rather include his gold back than his one and only daughter and in addition that this individual loves his gold just like a fat youngster loves dessert. Shylock is a villain as a result of cold hearted behavior this individual has more than his servant, Launcelot. Launcelot hates employed by Shylock because he is cured poorly and does not get fed enough food, like if he says, " My masters a very Jew I give him a present! Give him a halter: I was famished in his service” (II. ii. 20).

Shylock is known as a villain due to villainous issues he really does. Also, he has no mercy for anyone. All this started off with Bassanio credit three thousands of ducats via Shylock by utilizing Antonio's credit and status, and if Antonio does not pay out the connect in 90 days, then Shylock gets to require a pound of flesh by Antonio....


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