Vasquez 1

Francisco Vasquez

Professor Rachel D. Williams

British 103 Section 1020

03 6th, 2014

Like Color to a Fabric: Words to a Story

On paper, much similar to painting, the act itself is, in simplest terms, the transfer of image/thought from the writer/painter to the reader, their spectator, us. And in composing just like in painting, the is presented by showing us the constituents, bringing the mood into the place we are soaking in, taking all of us there to same mind setting that the writer/painter is in. In painting the image/symbol is deciphered in actuality, on a physical creation, but in writing we are decorated an image not really on fabric but in the minds. Just like some artworks create a hefty impression for the eye, a novel just like Frederick Douglas's " Narrative of The Lifestyle of An America slave” makes such an impression in the head. The outstanding use of images and significance employed by Frederick Douglas from this novel achieves the type of feeling the greatest functions by any artist at his peak would evoke in those who witness its splendor. Both tactics are put together in Frederick Douglass's " Narrative of the American Slave” to this kind of a brilliant level, that viewers in years since its first publishing have revered that as one of the most moving reports that births compassion and humanity in the reader and exemplifies what one person can do.

" Story of the lifestyle of an American Slave” is just what the title shows. The life history, in words and phrases and thoughts of a great man Frederick Douglass, who have in his life time was able to surpasse the unjust conditions he was born into, and could go on and turn into a tale of what the individual condition is capable of when authentic desire for existence flourishes, also in the darkest and dampest conditions of existence. Created into captivity, Frederick Douglass is the embodiment of the circumstances upon which this " Great Nation” was built after. Born not a person which has a future to decide, but delivered a slave with a future Vasquez two

already crafted for him, a future that resembled those of thousands and thousands of other in his same state. Slavery in and of alone, is a condition that not just robbed a lot of their freedom, but conned them with their heritage, homeland, and most important stripped all of them of their humankind and of themselves. In his novel, Frederick Douglass masterfully paints a picture of what the circumstances were, the two mentally and physically to get the poor souls who endured such a disorder. Passage following passage speaks of the harsh days that have been lived about plantations and farms, in city homes and villages where mood were smashed on a daily basis and dreams had been allowed to corrosion like a sugar covered sweet left out in the sunshine.

In keeping slavery, the white professionals had to not only have physical control of the slave, nevertheless had to mentally break them down so that possibly to the servant his real condition in the world was not so obvious or clear. We get a sense of what difference expertise makes within a person inside the passage " As I writhed under that, I would sometimes feel learning how to read have been a curse rather than a true blessing. It had presented me a look at of my own wretched state, without the treatment. It opened up my eyes for the horrible hole, but to no ladder where to obtain out…” (1). The use of imagery here is therefore potent that this enables a single the ability to see that even the work of acknowledging one's real condition was going to see the gap one was buried in. The significance of being caught in a pit with no step ladder to escape makes one speculate which is harder to put up with, sitting in the pit not knowing what or perhaps where one particular is…. or the knowing that we have a world beyond this gap, but with no means accesing the magic it has to offer. You are likely to assume that because the book was written at a time when captivity was still in essence that words like this probably would not be needed. Why could someone need to explain captivity and all its horrid conditions to somebody who is in life living these moments? Frederick Douglass composed " Story of the...


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