Because an introduction, generally, sociology is mainly the study of contemporary society, communities and people whereas nursing is a job which focused on assisting persons, families, and communities in attaining, maintaining and recovering optimal health insurance and functioning.

With this assignment, Let me describe the definition of Sociology, the definition of nursing and explain for what reason sociology is important and is strongly related nursing practice. I hope this kind of assignment displays the significance of sociology to breastfeeding practice which will develop even more professional and very reliable rns.

2) Meaning of Sociology

" Sociology” comes from the Latina word Socius (companion) plus the ending –ology from the Greek logos (word). At an extremely general level, Sociology can be understood since the study of culture as culture itself provides a huge influence on what we do, how we think and who we are. Sociology is essentially study regarding people, by people – how people form nationalities, societies, agencies, laws, values, families, religions, and all various other aspects of man life.

Sociology reflects an array of differing sights about how the earth can be examined. People are interpersonal creatures who also require the existence and actions more in order to make it through. People are the producers of society, but they are also the items of culture.

Instead of simply accepting society as it is out there, with all the inequalities and injustices, Sociology helps people make sense of why these types of inequalities can be found, assists in challenging the norms of any society, and helps with changing the inequalities that still arise.

3) Definition of Nursing

" Nursing” is involved with taking care of people through the entire spans of life, and everything points around the continuum among sickness and health. Nursing jobs is a career in its individual right. At such they have the right and responsibility to govern a unique practice and professional affairs, and welcomes commitments for the society relative to......


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