Investment Principles and Analysis

Trinity University FNCE 3352

Springtime 2010

TRAINER: Carl M. Hubbard, Ph. D., CFA

Office: CGC N3l6; cellphone 999-7283, carl. [email protected] edu

OFFICE SEVERAL HOURS: 9: 40 – 10: 30 MW; 2: 31 – some: 00 TTh; Other times readily available by scheduled appointment.

BOOK: Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, and Joe J. Marcus. Essentials of Investments, seventh Edition.

New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008.

CALCULATOR: Texas Devices BAII Additionally Calculator


The learning objectives for students in this program are: (l) improve your understanding of financial securities and market segments, (2) develop the ability to examine investment firms, common stocks and shares, and bonds for investment decisions, (3) understand how alternatives are valued and how choice contracts are being used in hedge and speculating, (4) understand how to apply protection analysis techniques in relatively useful capital markets, and (5) gain working experience in trading securities. The prerequisite with this course is the completion of FNCE 3301 with a grade of C- or perhaps better.


1 . Total the designated readings and problems.

2 . Attend and participate in every single class meeting.

3. Full the security research project.

5. Complete the three examinations as scheduled.


The reading and problem assignments are designed to accomplish the goals of the study course and are to be completed in preparation for the topic of that matter. Lectures and class talks are organized with the assumption that learners have finished the studying and have by least attemptedto complete the condition assignments. I will post my personal class remarks, recent exams, this syllabus, etc ., upon TLearn.

Most cell phones should be off and out of sight during class – this means zero texting during class. If perhaps that plan is unsatisfactory to you, make sure you drop this class. As our class meetings are just like business meetings, I expect you to be in class until dismissed. I understand emergencies happen, but you should take care of personal needs before class.


The three product exams, all pledged, incorporate multiple choice questions, composition questions, and problems. You possibly will not use mobile computing or any conversation device during examinations. Mobile phones must be turned off and positioned out of sight during exams. Tests are written assuming learners have monetary calculator and know how to make use of it. Final level averages will probably be calculated in the following weighting system: exam average – 75% as well as the security evaluation project – 25%. Test grades happen to be weighted similarly in the examination average. The letter level scale is 93-100 (A), 90-92 (A-), 88-89 (B+), 83-87 (B), 80-82 (B), 78-79 (C+), 73-77 (C), 70-72 (C-), 68-69 (D+), 60-67 (D), and 0-59 (F).


The requirements from the security evaluation project will be the following:

1 ) form a team of three pupils for the project

installment payments on your as a team pick a stock from your attached set of companies three or more. complete a great analysis of the stock to ascertain its acceptability as an investment 4. present your formal analysis and investment advice to the course 5. send the research and recommendation to the trainer in the form of a research paper

The basis for your team's recommendation should be a fundamental research of the business and the stock as a great investment. You may want to extend the research by together with a technical analysis of your stock – charting the retail price, volume, indications, and so forth. My spouse and i encourage the creativity in this project. You must remain clinically objective rather than identify with or perhaps become a great advocate pertaining to the company you are inspecting.

Your presentation and created report should have the following minimum content:

1 . A description with the company, usana products and services, recent events that are strongly related the value of the company, and recent styles in sales and revenue.

2 . A great analysis...


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