1 . Ask three people because of their definition of religion. Analyze the definitions: A. State the definitions the fact that three individuals have given you. " Religion is the study of what you believe that. ”

" What type of house of worship you go to… whether it is Catholic or Christian. " Idea in God”

B. Point out the type of explanation they have provided you with (essential, family, and/or working) All three meanings were important definitions, since in all 3 cases the people interviewed decreased the definition to essentially 1 word or idea. C. State the constraints of the definitions.

In all three instances of the 3 people surveyed, they gave essential meanings, which are exclusive. For example , the very last gentleman that was selected stated that religion is usually " Idea in God. ” As we have learned, this limitation excludes any religion that has a belief in other gods, besides Our god.

installment payments on your Explain so why, at least from the religious point of view, the ideas of real do it yourself and the best are amigo, so that to speak about one you have to talk about the other. Provide an example from a religion you understand something about.

Religious actions and thinking reflect who have one is in one's actual self, and so who they are in relation to his/her supreme reality. Additionally , religious symbols and rituals give us the opportunity to participate in it, affording all of us the opportunity to be related to best reality. Furthermore, humans perspective symbols, ideas, objects or acts, which usually create bridges in our minds, where we could transcended. Obviously, this transcendence evokes feelings related to the supernatural. For instance , in our Christian Church all of us receive communion, where were given a cup of grape juice and a wafer of unleavened bread. Specifically, the grape drink, which is a replacement for wine, symbolizes the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the Cross, and the loaf of bread is a associated with his damaged body. These symbols, that are handed to us through the usher, take us inside our mind's attention to the Higher Room, in which...


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