Most of the mistakes made by Brazilian students originate in a naïve conception of how languages job, what lead the students to think over the two English and the Portuguese phonetic systems because an identical method to obtain patterns to decipher the brand new words that they are learning. This issue, however , is definitely not a students' fault but it really is due to the most popular contemporary strategies that emphasize communication rather than pronunciation, treating them separate studies (when, in fact , they are essential regions of a whole, which can be the target terminology itself)

With this in mind, it is worth recalling just how certain phrases such as handful of /fyuː/, long term / 'fyuːtʃə(r)/, and memorial /'fyuːnərəl/ are frequently pronounced as /fiw/, /fu'turi/ (or /‘fiwturi/) and /funer'aw/ (or /‘fiwneraw/). This is due to the distance of these diphthong to Portuguese ones that appear in phrases such as rj / 'iw/ and tio /t'iw/, as well as the students' unawareness that this Portuguese design does not occur in English; on the other hand, the phoneme i actually turns into the semivowel y as well as the semivowel w turns into an extended u, precisely what is initially an odd sound to Portuguese audio speakers. But without that becoming pointed out, college students will most likely under no circumstances be aware of this kind of difference, since the attachment for their mother vocabulary is particularly strong in most cases.

This kind of attachment is also the very reasons why words like fire /'fayə(r)/, dice /days/ and mouse button /maʊs/ can quite frequently be pronounced while /'fayri/, /'dayci/ and /'mousi/. Deceived by spelling, a large number of students will certainly call upon Portuguese phonetics and produce terms that look familiar to their own dialect system, considering the CVC pattern of Portuguese, but instead strange to get English. Without a doubt, /'fayri/ is much more similar to fairy /'ferɪ 'feər-/ than fire, what may well lead a native listener to query such a weird affirmation like " the house is on fairy”. The main difficulty, however , is that even though a teacher's pronunciation is...


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