The result of Osmosis on The Mass of Ova

Victoria Vu


October 22, 2013

Introduction & Hypothesis

The membrane of an egg is composed of keratin (a type of protein), which is semipermeable. This means only a few materials will probably be allowed to enter in and leave through the egg's membrane. The objective of this try things out is study the process in which water molecules pass the egg membrane, osmosis. This kind of experiment as well gives perception on how various other ‘semipermeable membranes' work, like a model for other walls similar. If perhaps 3 ova are submerged in several different solutions- salt, sugars, & touch water- then your membrane with the egg will conduct osmosis of drinking water into the eggs.













3 plastic material cups

graduated cylinder

3 raw decalcified eggs

95 mL of tap water

95 mL of syrup

75 mL of salt remedy

weighing motorboat

electronic level

paper towels

safety goggles

laboratory apron


1 . Slip on the lab kitchen apron and the security goggles.

2 . Grab a plastic glass and labeled it with one of the solutions. Set this aside.

a few. Take you decalcified egg and lightly blot them free from normal water. 4. Observe the egg and record your observations on the data table. 5. Put the weigh boat on the digital scale.

six. Reset the size.

7. Place the egg on the size & record the mass on the table. eight. Slowly spin the egg into the plastic-type material cup.

being unfaithful. Measure 95 mL in the solution (the one you labeled on the cup) and gently put the solution in the egg.

10. Observe the egg currently engrossed in the remedy and write down thier observations for the data stand.

11. Cover the glass with foil.

12. Do it again steps 2-12 for the rest of the two solutions.

13. Shop all several cups in a cool place for 72 hours.

13. Peel off the foil.

12-15. Carefully, drain the the liquid from the glass.

16. Help to make and create observations regarding the egg.

17. Dispose of the egg properly, in the trash may.

Experimental Set-Up


Option Type




Salt Option...

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