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Poetry, during Theognis and also other poets, was very important of other aspects going on during the time. As well, the beautifully constructed wording was very attractive towards the public. Many persons began to look at the poetry and realized how relatable and interesting these kinds of works had been and because of that, popularity grew quickly between your people.

In particular an example from Theognis' was explained when he states, " Good stock right now seeks to marry in to bad; guys cheat the other person, laughing at each other's damage, unable to separate good coming from ill. Produce none of these your accurate friend…” (Theognis, 143-4). That relates to the society that Theognis was living in as it explains the eye of women to get married; yet the men that choose to be unfaithful and not love their partner. Theognis is giving guide in this piece or literature by describing that women should stay away from people like this, and prevent forming relationships with these people. Theognis continues to speak about the wrongs in society and what is going on, by women to wealth to poverty. The folks are attracted to Theognis talking about what is going on and the people concur and relate to what he is saying. Another example coming from Theognis is represented when he states, " Go for a righteous life with little property instead of wealth dishonestly acquired. Every honour, Cyrnus, is within honesty, each honest man's a man of worth (Theognis, 145-8). ” Here Theognis expresses his opinions about wealth and poverty. He states that it can be better to select an honest and happy your life rather than laying and harming people simply to gain wealth. Which is a incredibly good slogan to go by since money would not provide happiness. Theognis also explains that honest males are men of worth, explaining that people who will be truthful and honest are usually more respected, and are also worth a lot more than those who disrespect others and lie in front of large audiences. In the Traditional World at the moment, the prosperous are the ones with the many the...


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