Puritan Literature is written in several varieties. It communicates feelings, your life, God, Gods word, Gods work and there aditudes.

The main idea of the Puritan's that was written about in the past is religon, and faith in Goodness. They revealed there emotions in tales, journals, and meny other designs. Some of the main Puritan freelance writers are: Bea Bradstreet, Bill Bradford, Edward Taylor, William Byrd, and menny outhers.

The author of 'Huswifery', Edward Taylor expreses his emotions in a poem, he covers how this individual wants our creator to use his body as being a spinning tire to glorify God and his word. He compares his body, and parts of his body towards the spinning steering wheel, and elements of the content spinning wheel. This individual asks The almighty to transform him to make him better intended for the glory of The almighty.

This one story shows a breaf section of how the puritan's believed about and what there attitudes were and they beleved deep in God and that he is the simply true enjoy. They change ways, phrases, and emotions to fit in with God and good things to try and make people in order to puritanisum.

Jonathan Edwards arthor of 'Sinners in the Hands of an Upset God' conveys his emotions in a story that explains to God is not a gentleman to mess with and that all of us are bad individuals who are condemed to eternal damn country. There is no way to become saved unless we are bornagian, he uses this to pruswade individuals to convert returning to puritanisum and this worked for the small amount of persons.

Anne Bradstreet aouthor of 'Upon the burning of our House. ' This poem is one of the kinds that I loved most since it tells a great point we should not get worried, love, Etc .. about earthly things above God and our faith because Our god will give and take away no matter what he would like when ever this individual wants and should be thankful for what this individual gives all of us and take pleasure in and value him for this. She communicates her feelings of this so we under stand and gets it into our minds.

Another story simply by Anne Bradstreet maid me understand how the puritan's experienced the remember that was...


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