A) How will you have responded to the veil if you was a member of Mr. Hooper's congregation or another Puritan clergyman? I would have reacted as being a threat since at that time trouble and menace came hand in hand. Since the environment was very superstitious the Puritan clergymen would have sensed threated with what Mr. Hopper did

2 . (a) Remember: How would his congregation regard Mr. Hooper prior to he began putting on the veil? Before putting on the veil congregation a new lot of value for him.

(b) Analyze: In what ways does the veil affect Mr. Hooper's relationship with the congregation? The ways that the veil affected the relationship with all the congregation was he was not invited to dinner, nobody wanted to speak to him.

3. (a) Recall: Precisely what is the subject of Mister. Hooper's rollo on the day this individual first wears the veil? Secret trouble

(b) Compare and Contrast: What thoughts does Mister. Hooper stir up in his congregation that he never did prior to? Hatred, uneasiness.

(c) Pull Conclusions: As to the do you attribute Mr. Hooper's new found capability to affect his listeners? As everyone has different secrets they can reach out to people more considering that he is putting on the dark-colored veil.

some. (a) Recall: According to the narrator, what is the veil's " one desirable effect? ” Making anybody who is putting it on a very good clergyman

(b) Infer: Why does the veil produce Mr. Hooper a more effective minister? Because it seems that this individual has a better understanding on life in that case most people. The veil has the appearance that he is mysterious and also a sinner just like all others who will appreciate their difficulties. 5. (a) Interpret: How come the veil have such powerful effect in people? Individuals don't really understand what the veil signifies. If people don't know, they are going to become inquisitive. Considering when he first place this veil on, his first sermon was about Key Sin, and so the people was required to know the veil was strong

(b) Synthesize: Hawthorne suggests that all people...


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