п»їThe Position of the Adult

The function of the adult that has been exclusively trained and it is able to reply to the child if the needs of his inner child turn into stimulated and concentrated.  To help your child towards normalization the Movie director is in regular contact with the kid linking him to the environment, directing his untapped energies and supporting them to attach to objects, abilities and encounters.  To do this she must be able to identify his interior nature and provide discrete and loving help, to do this your woman uses assumptive knowledge and her own experiences to best imagine ‘how to aid the right person at the right time in the correct manner, to be aware of what is important and precisely what is sufficient, the aim being to, ‘help him help himself'.  Her help is definitely ‘an aid to develop the child's development', not to do his work for him.

The Prep of a tutor

1 . Psychic level

The Director should be a person who sees herself as someone producing her very own inner nature, reducing her ego and negativity, becoming both a humble, caring and a witty guide. В She recognizes her restrictions, prejudices, evolves her knowledge and energies and conveniently admits to mistaken unjust actions based upon her pleasure and cockiness. В The child will forgive mistakes publicly stated and tackled but lies and incongruent actions will certainly cut him off from his teacher. It is important that the instructor understands the child as an individual and interpersonal being totally and can perspective him with multiple perspectives, as the kid he is apparently and his potential inner nature. В The teacher is polite and patient with the child, empathetic and target. В She employs realistic rules regularly and using a composed, specialist and required firmness your woman establishes her classroom and responds in an emergency simply by modeling her calm existence. The representative has self esteem in her abilities and her teaching, she makes good decisions and can make clear her activities to college students, colleagues and oldsters well, without having to be arrogant, since she is self-reflective and an excellent listener, capable to acknowledge mistakes and improve her attempts in the lumination of new activities. В This lady has faith and love for the inner child, and features his capability to learn, the lady respects the achievements he has already at home. В The girl practices self-restraint, neither praising or blaming, punishing neither rewarding and interfere with the child's internal processes. Mental Level

The Director can create a Ready Environment, can easily put the child in contact with that so that he can contact form his own personality and she to make a social product of children learning together. The girl follows the child's rhythms, pace and interests to see and pre-rhyme his root needs and it is aware of the strength and predominance of his tendencies, because she tutorials him through his Hypersensitive Periods. В She guarantees the environment is definitely stable and alive to meet the needs of his Adsorbent Mind pertaining to sensorial activation and useful life positioning. В To accomplish this she utilizes her declaration skills and since she introduces the activities on the times when they may be important to the child he evolves his assurance in her. В The lady affords him freedom of motion, choice, the potential of repeating activity alone or request a presentation and this produces pleasure, gregariousness and satisfaction inside the child. 2 . Physical Prep

The Representative dresses and behaves in a calm, straightforward way; neat, tidy and fresh, ready for specialist yet physical exercises. В The girl uses elegant movements, indirectly preparing the kid for clear and substance sitting, strolling and standing postures, your woman does not make use of confusing or perhaps unnecessary moves and gestures nor will she practice poor patterns or cleanliness. В Your woman plans how you can move properly for sales pitches and bears this elegance to her whole being while the child continuously absorbs her behaviors, good manners and appearances. В Your woman always talks with respect and works on the soft voice so as to not alarm kids or disturb their...


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