In 594 B. C. E. a great Athenian Statesman named Solon enabled political reform which affected the roles of men, girls, and slaves in Athens. He divided the population in to four personal groups based upon wealth. Men from the 3 wealthiest groupings were allowed to hold politics office. The larger offices, nevertheless , were available to the two wealthiest of the teams. The office of Archon was one such placement. Although the next group, called " thetes, ” could hardly participate in national politics, they were showed in the " boule” (Levack, Muir & Veldman, 2011, pg. 83. ). This is a council of four hundred male people which represented all four organizations. Positions in the court were determined by prosperity, though all classes, also that of the " thetes, ” were allowed to serve on the court created by Solon (Levack et ing, 2011, pg. 84. ).

In 512 B. C. E., a nobleman named Cleisthenes reorganized Athenian personal groups in 10 devices called people. He elevated the size of the " boule” to five-hundred citizens currently taking 50 by each group. They were accountable for creating the agenda for mount, consisting of simply male people of Athens. These guy citizens were concurrently capable of hold general public office (Levack et al, 2011, pg. 84. ).

In 461 B. C. E. another man named Pericles helped begin the rise of democracy in Athens to what would be the peak. The period following, until his fatality, was known as the " Regarding Pericles” (Levack et al, 2011, pg. 92. ). During this time there are approximately 45, 000 guy citizens which only free men above 18 were allowed to be involved in governmental policies. Bureaucratic positions, including " generals” and " facilitators, ” totaled up to be around 1, 500 officials (Levack et ing, 2011, pg. 93. ).

Pericles also made a decision to empower ladies more inside the role of Athenian life. He mandated that only local Athenian parents could offer birth to citizens from the polis, or perhaps city-state. This kind of gave women their simply pride inside the polis, because they were not...


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