Introduction to Travel BEM1012

James Ince


number one guide question- Describe how the components of the travel industry socialize together to supply tourists with the holiday knowledge. Please state whether you agree, or disagree together with the view of some academics that there is no such thing as the ‘Tourism Product'.

In the market of tourism, there are a number of components that link together, to provide a family, couple or possibly a group with a vacation. These types of components will be more like methods. These steps contain, how you get to your destination, where you stay, what activities you do and who organizes all of these issues. The formal names for the components happen to be: accommodation sector, attraction sector, transport sector, travel organisers sector, destination sector. They each play a vital role in any holiday. The holiday accommodation sector handles where they are going to stay, for example , hotel, hostel and b&b. The appeal sector requires what activities the guests will do, whilst vacating. For instance , Amusement parks, museums, beaches. The transport sector deals with how a tourist can get to their destination. Whether it is bus, train, aircraft or cruise ship. The travel and leisure organizers are the people that market and sell the trips. For instance , travel agents, guides, cruise lines. Destination sector is usually where the govt assist a small business. For example , Government may ensure revenue, duty incentives to develop hotels or attractions. All of these segments need to be balanced and coordinated properly to develop a successful sector. If anyone of those steps is usually not completed to a certain regular, it could effect on the overall sector. In the industry, there are some things called the tourism item. This is what a destination collectively does, that either affects the holiday in a great or negative way. Towards the end of the trip, it is the visitor perception from the destination, which is the tourism product. It truly is all the physical and nonphysical components arranged together. For instance , some of the physical components can be transportation and attractions. The nonphysical parts would be things such as the weather and safety. The tourism product is providing the complete experience towards the costumer, giving them the non-bias opinions for his or her vacation. A lot of academics have stated that they avoid believe there exists such point as a tourism product. I disagree with this statement, because In my opinion you could have a prosperous business that gives all of these circumstances to the costumer.

My personal idea of the tourism system is having all the components and steps needed to make the best vacation, added into one big step. This could save the client, a lot of effort researching on their destination, which they find out nothing regarding. They would find the insights, and secrets on their destination. Devoid of all of the opinion and marketing strategies. This business would be good and trustworthy because, it is far from their merchandise to sell, they can be just putting it jointly for the costumer. The business would have to position the whole trip together intended for the costumer. To achieve this the business enterprise would have to acquire an insight about what the costumer's interests had been, to for that reason plan actions that they might enjoy. To complete this process, they would need to put together all the components together. Starting with the accommodation sector. A good example of a tourism system is, in my country Barbados, there are many kinds of getaways you could have. For anyone who is of the prosperous class in the uk, you can come to Barbados and live in a elegant resort. You can create the high-priced chartered private yachts out for the morning as destinations. There are BBW's you can hire to drive around for you travel, this way; you might have all the things you could have at home. If perhaps this lifestyle does not fit your needs and you are mare like a middle class citizen in britain. You could buy a cheap airplane...


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