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The points They Taken Essay

Dance Group Colonel, Rebecca Espinoza, posesses binder every day. In costly attendance sheet, calendar of all the upcoming occasions, and a practice schedule so that she could know what is happening every day. It is meant to keep her on track. The binding almost turns into a bible with her. Holding it close like someone would bounce her automatically and consider her important binder away from her understand. She is a senior, and is also going to always be graduating quickly. All of her focus is either on party, or in school. The lady carried the weight from the whole group, the pressure of being colonel, the burden of always trying to be perfect for everybody else, and the get worried of misguiding her peers and screwing up every thing for everyone otherwise that likes you the team. Those things they taken were dance shoes, extra practice clothes, knees pads, water, and extra bobby pins that always seem to be required, and always seemed to disappear regardless of how hard you tried to keep an eye on them. That they carried garments for the college day because dance practice was in the morning. In their dance bags had been hair straighteners, cologne, deodorant, tooth brushes, and all the makeup you might imagine, the numerous necessities penalized a adolescent girl. The dance hand bags weighed regarding 5 pounds, depending on whatever you were getting that time, the shoes and clothes holding most of the excess weight. They carried backpacks effortlessly their schoolwork in order to flourish in their day. Cell phones had been always present, no one can go each day without their particular cellular equipment, and car keys and sunglasses were an absolute must. The Dance crew director, Mrs. Trevino, transported a large carry bag, a " Conzuela” bag that everyone seemed to be so captivated with. In it absolutely was a notebook computer, a sea of colourful folders, and her all important car tips. She served as if the folders carried the cure pertaining to cancer, like they were the most important paperwork ever to be branded on this The planet. She transported every...


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