The eye of TJ Eckleburg represents the destruction of the American Dream. Data: Billboard falling, Main characters going into NY to commit corruption and the Eyes searching upon the death of Myrtle. Like spiritual values, the billboard is neglected.

" But his eyes, dimmed a little by many people paintless times, under sun and rain, brood in over the solemn dumping ground”. " This is certainly a pit of ashes – an excellent farm where ashes expand like wheat into ridges and hillsides and ridicule gardens; wherever ashes take those forms of residences and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, using a transcendent work, of ash-grey men, who move dimly and already crumbling throughout the powdery atmosphere. ” The hollowness that the author identifies the eyes and how its faded represents the disregard and devastation of the American dream and how it looks upon only the material wealth and never the probe of people. The eyes are likewise set in the valley of ashes in which the poor existed and it represents the hollowness from the American dream and that its a big rest and that that gold can turn into ashes. Corruption in the American society/dream.

Mary go on his affairs with Myrtle, watches Gatsby pushes to meet Wolfshiem to bootleg, and designer watches Daisy move find new thrills with Gatsby. The eyes designer watches how the key characters use and out of NEW YORK CITY to make corruption. George said " God is aware what get been performing, everything you have been doing. You may fool me but you cant trick God”. George is talking about the eye and how you are able to fool everybody but the sight know what you could have done and what data corruption you have written for the American dream. What these primary character perform shapes the way we see the American dream and it lets us know it can lead to destruction. The eyes view as Myrtle's American dreams died along with her. Eyes observe how Myrtle and Tom's affair began

Viewed it develop, watched how desperate your woman wants to live the American dream. The girl had this but to only die as a result of it. The lady got struck by Tom's car and died...


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