Theme: Ancient greek language Military

The themes displayed throughout Gates of Fire, by Steven Pressfield, give us an idea as to how Greek world operated and what they valued. History comes alive when Pressfield talks about the battles and city-states of historic Greece. With this fictitious account of real events we are able to correspond with characters living during a several time, in a different place. We can try to understand, through history and Pressfield, how and why the Greeks battled and passed away. The Greeks valued all their military training. Without that, the city-states were defenseless. Some city-states were thus small that farmers and citizen-soldiers could protect the land on which they lived. All their training was scant however wills to protect their homes were strong. Larger city-states, such as Athens, had enough citizens so that not every man was required for the military. There was a few choice. Then again, there were the Spartans. The Spartans appear to be the extreme case in Portugal. Their whole society was based on armed service life and both men and women were forced to educate from in early stages. Since the men comprised the army they received one of the most difficult and brutal teaching imaginable. The Spartan life style tells us that living in old Greece supposed living in a hostile place. City-states had been in relatively close distance to one another and therefore clashed generally. The Spartans reflect for all of us the extreme necessity of a standing army. From their society we know that Greece was a very conflict-ridden part of the community. Since the Greeks valued independence and private area ownership, it had been necessary that they defend their loved ones and house. Clashes might arise between city-states for a lot of different causes. War, to get the Greeks, was because commonplace every other element of ordinary your life. The book centers upon military your life and schooling. Pressfield really wants to impart after the reader the importance of soldires in historical Greece. He wants you to understand that civilizations flower and fell...


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