Julia Palm

Mrs. Rothwell

AP Literature - Pd. 8


Tragedy in Oedipus Rex

It is an undeniable fact that Sophocles' Oedipus Rex is usually tragic and unfortunate. Ruler Oedipus detects the truth that finally is the fate of not only himself, nevertheless those around him. He selfishly requirements the reality in the past, without having regard to the possible effects. Until it is actually late, Oedipus does not understand the have an effect on that his actions possess on his family and friends. Oedipus' better half Jocasta and Oedipus' daughters, Antigone and Ismene pay money for the price of the bitter truth. To only look at the tragedy immediately in Oedipus' life is a closed perspective. His wife Jocasta suffers greatly in the play, thanks only to the eagerness of her husband/son. She tries to stop Oedipus from stubbornly questioning the messenger numerous times. " For God's love, i want to have no more questioning! Is usually your life not you? My own, personal is pain enough for me to bear” (Sophocles 1003-1005). Because Oedipus can be on a hunt for the truth, Jocasta realizes the horrific real truth; that the girl gave beginning to the gentleman she is wedded to. Continue to, Oedipus' wish for revelation for anyone's charge ultimately drives Jocasta to suicide. " The california king is dead” (Sophocles 1186). The waste and embarrassment of sleeping with her son much more than she can uncovered, especially seeing that she lose interest children by him, too. Of those kids, the two children are also very much affected by Oedipus' actions. Again, his inconsiderate necessity pertaining to the truth causes their lives to be miserable and permanently cursed. Even the blind Oedipus can see the exile of his daughters from the culture. " Could you ever get married to? There are zero bridegrooms for you personally, and your lives must die away in sterile dreaming” (Sophocles 1441 - 1442). The truth is unveiled not only to Oedipus, but likewise the entire region of Thebes. Only one working day before, the folks see Oedipus as an exceptional hero. The men of the community would have gladly taken their very own daughters in to marriage with honor. Nevertheless , now those same people...

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