UFO is understood as 'unidentified flying object' in the sky. The word was suggested by Copt. Edward J. Ruppelt who also served since the head of 'Project Blue Book' back in 1952 intended for United States Bomber command. He suggested to call it as 'you-foe' but the term gain recognition as U. F. U only.

There is not any official info or record about the UFO sighting. But according to folk tales in addition to colloquial way, it can be stated that people will observed this sort of flying items since historic times. The first sighting of UFOs is marked since past due 1800 by most of the research workers. The most famous and prominent UFO sighting was made in the year 1947 by exclusive pilot Kenneth Arnold. He claimed to see 'flying saucer' in the sky. This led to the reporting of similar studies in different parts of the world at distinct times. In respect to a tough estimate, about 60% of such reports are scam or because of some other factors. While, a number of the objects seen in the heavens were definitely massive in character like comets, asteroids etc . But then several were also a consequence of disillusion just like perhelia and lenticular atmosphere. There are certain organic phenomenons giving rise to various hypothetical forms formation around the astronomical horizons. Most of these nimbe are recognized by naked eyes and they are called because UFOs simply by populace.

However , a good amount of forty percent cases are still left to get researched. There are enough evidences that rule out all the feasible human errors, psychological aspect and hallucinations. The reports do claim the presence of extra terrestrial components in the globe's atmosphere on scientific analysis also. The marks which can be supposedly kept by an alien spaceship at reasons, known as 'trace case' tend to be reported by the folks. Such situations are reported mainly by the inhabitants of remote and rural areas.

Scientists and researchers will work extensively to mark the presence of life upon other exoplanets and their possible intervention in earth's atmosphere....


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