PRESS RELEASE – 19 06 2012


• Smirnoff holds leading position but its once considered unassailable lead will be quickly worn away by a great ever fortifying Johnnie Walker.

• Johnnie Walker's functionality this year over-shadows all brands in the Electrical power 100.

• Every one of the top rated 16 brands in The Electrical power 100's Global Mega Brands rankings improved volume this summer

• Hennessy and Jack Daniels lead with highest manufacturer scores of 76%, closely followed by Chivas Royal at 72% and Johnnie Walker for 71%.

Smirnoff remains the world's leading alcoholic drinks brand for the 7th year jogging according to The Electricity 100 2012, the annual survey from the world's leading drinks brands published this week by brand valuation and strategy consultancy Intangible Business.

Hot on its heels can be fellow Diageo Group secure mate Johnnie Walker, which usually moved up from third to second place in the rankings due to its gigantic strength in both Cookware and Latin American market segments enabling a remarkable sales growth of 10% (1. 6 million cases 9 litre equivalent).

The little league table, which usually assesses the two financial contribution of each company alongside the strength in the eyes of the consumer, have been compiled by combining scores via a panel of a few of the world's leading drinks skillfully developed with hard data. The brands are rated relating to share of market, foreseeable future growth, premium price position, awareness, significance, heritage and brand belief.

Intangible Business, which produces the twelve-monthly league desk and performs extensively while using drinks sector, researches practically 10, 500 spirit and wine brands across the globe to produce The Power 75, now in its seventh season.

Smirnoff stays no . one particular

The giant of the vodka market, Smirnoff has actually seen their brand worth fall in the past year, together with the business' branding scarred by promotional costs in the crucial US marketplace. Its best competitor in the vodka category, Absolut, has shown far more powerful improvements in brand notion and market share. In 08, Smirnoff saw a record sales figure of 26. 2m cases. Down to 24m intended for 2011, it truly is yet to claw it is way back to that position of strength.

Johnnie Walker closes in

Johnnie Walker's amazing growth spurt has really trapped the eye from the Power 95 panellists. Going from third to second place in the rankings and retaining it is top area as the world's leading whisky company, the scotch brand has demonstrated a particularly good performance in the Far East – a massively influential and important market for the future regarding many best spirits brands – and in Brazil, the biggest growth industry for scotch.

Its company owner Diageo's versatile company structure provides given the brand a wider appeal than many of its competitors, building a brand that spans from the top end green label to the accessible crimson label as well as the legendary dark label.

With a growth in sales of 1. 6m instances between 2010 and 2011, Johnnie Master is a shining example of the emergence of ‘mega brands' in the global market. As a result, this year's The Power 100 includes ranks of the best 16 Ultra Brands – those brands that managed a total score of 18% upwards.



Biggest development brands

Aperol, William Lawson and Crazy Turkey tightly followed by Courvoisier take the plaudits increasing volumes of prints year on year; by 35% pertaining to Aperol and William Lawson, 31% intended for Wild Chicken and 27% for Courvoisier. These are beautiful performances.

The Aperol success story goes on ever onwards as the rand name has noticed impressive growth in the The german language and German markets. Held by drink giant Campari, Aperol can be indicative of Campari's constantly excellent company management, which can be evident throughout its different major brands -- Skyy, Dreher, Cinzano Vermouth, Campari Bitters and Outrageous Turkey – all of which...


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