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English language 121

Ms. Ettlinger

12-15 October 2012

It had not been James Sherlock holmes

Think about having a relative that is experiencing a mental illness and is not always in full control over his actions. He has not got the help he needs yet and is now addicted to medication with existence dangering side effects. Then one day he unexpectedly fades and commits a horrific crime. Should he have to go through the same process that a perfectly sane criminal would venture through? Should he become detained or actually get the help he needs through rehabilitation to overcome his illness? This story summarizes exactly what happened to David Holmes. In July twenty, 2012 during The Dark Knight Rises premier, James Sherlock holmes allegedly murdered 12 people and harmed 58 other folks in Amanecer Colorado (Press). It was not Holmes' total fault pertaining to committing the crime. Holmes should have the opportunity to be rehabilitated because his mind is a great asset to society; he also suffered from psychiatric conditions that can be set through treatment. `James Holmes has potential to help contemporary society through his intellect. Depending on his school studies, Holmes displayed cleverness at large levels. Having been attending the University of Colorado trying to earn his PhD in Neuroscience. Approximately only about 1 percent of the U. S. inhabitants has a PhD (Roush). If perhaps Holmes is usually to be rehabilitated maybe he is back in relation to pursuing his PhD in Neuroscience. This kind of shows that there is in fact a place for him within our society after being rehabilitated. His brain is a great advantage to world that can help approach our nation forward through research and other work. Due to a mental disease, Holmes really should not be detained without getting the opportunity to acquire his outdated character backside through rehabilitation. Due to his psychiatric problems, Holmes had trouble deciding Reality and Fiction. He met with three mental medical researchers at the University of The state of colorado prior to the bataille (Evening Standard)....

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