Manhattan Learning Center

Common Studies Plan

TOPIC: Western Exploration and Settlements

Program: American History 1

Project #: one particular

Summer 2013

Student's Name: Rosmery Ventura

Cycle: 3rd

Facilitator: Carmen Vergel

Date: 05/16/2013

Rosmery Azar

Professor: Carmen M. Vega

Theoretical Studies: American History 1


Western Exploration and Settlements

European settlements in the Caribbean commenced with Captain christopher Columbus. Holding an elaborate feudal commission that made him perpetual texas chief of all gets discovered and gave him a percentage of most trade executed, Columbus sail in September 1492, identified to find a more quickly, shorter approach to China and tiawan and Japan. He designed to set up a trading-post empire, modeled following your successful Portuguese venture along the West African coast. His aim was going to establish immediate commercial associations with the suppliers of seasonings and other entertainment of the fabled East, thus cutting out the Arab middlemen who had monopolized trade since capturing Constantinople in 1453. He also planned to link program the shed Christians of Abyssinia, who had been reputed to obtain great volumes of gold--a commodity in great require in The european union. Finally, as being a good Christian, Columbus wanted to spread Christianity to fresh peoples. Columbus, of course , did not find the East. Even so, he named the lenders he achieved " Indians, " and, because he got sailed west, referred to the location he located as the " Western Indies. " However , dreams of a trading-post empire collapsed in the face of genuine Caribbean your life. The Indians, although initially hospitable generally, simply would not have rare metal and trade commodities for the Western market. In most, Columbus produced four trips of exploration between 1492 and 1502, failing to find great volumes of precious metal, Christians, or the courts from the fabled khans described simply by Marco Polo. After 1499, small amounts of tracer...


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