The Winterbourne Perspective hospital was a private medical center designed to accommodate 24 patients in two separate wards. The misuse at Winterbourne was uncovered when a Panorama investigation showed on the television set on thirty first May 2011, the footage reviled the physical and psychological maltreatment suffered by people with learning disabilities and challenging tendencies at the clinic by the staff. Local interpersonal services and the English

nationwide regulator (Care Quality Commission) had received a number of alerts but the mistreatment carried on. One senior doctor reported his concerns for the management at Winterbourne View and to CQC, but nothing was done regarding his issue. In consequence of this coverage, the public financed hospital was shut down in June 2011. On 21 years old June 2011, 86 persons and companies wrote for the Prime Minister, David Cameron j., about the revelations, that included the following…" We are aware of the different actions getting taken within and outside authorities – like the DH assessment and CQC internal inquiry. We hope to generate submissions to people both singularly and each. However , on their own these will never be enough and a clear programme is needed to attain change. ” The prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) responded declaring he was " appalled” in the " list of abuses” Panorama uncovered. The Daily Mail explained " With no investigation by the BBC's Panorama, given big coverage in the Mail, the abuse of patients in Winterbourne Look at might be carrying on to this day. Since it is, the protected hospital and two other care homes have been shut down, 11 accountable staff have been completely brought to justice – and a devastating report today exposes the serial failings of the community NHS, police and overall health watchdogs. ” During the critical case assessment, as well as information from the authorities, the CQC and the regional NHS, the Review attracted the following a conclusion: Patients stayed at at Winterbourne View for too long and were too much from home. - the average length of stay was 19 month. Almost half of...


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